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the second "Heiger sport Game" were held successfully
Date: [ 2009-08-29 ]    Read For [ 9063 ] Times

Heiger May 16th 8:00AM-- The second "Heiger sport Game"were held in the factory on May 16th 2009. The goal of this sport game is to inherit Olympic spirit of ¡°Faster, higher, and Stronger¡±, pushing Heiger people¡¯s Fit-keeping Program forward, fostering spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play and creating positive and healthy Enterprise culture. 216 persons (114 men, 102 women) from 7 teams that consist of different departments, workshop and office took part in the games. Chairman Yao Nengyi, General Manager Lin Zongming, Party Committee Secretary Yao Jia and Chairman of Labor Union Chen Mo attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by the management manager Cen Licong.

¡°Every one in Heiger hope to realize self-value and have a flatform to show ourselves,¡± said Chen Mo, Chairman of Labor Union. ¡°We believe we not only can do our work carefully and well but also achieved good results at the games¡±.

¡°Today we will closely combine the Olympic spirit of ¡°Faster, higher, and Stronger¡± with Heiger spirit of ¡°Heiger always higher¡±, Chairman Yao Nengyi said in the speech of opening ceremony. ¡°I hope you can enjoy the games and get good results¡±.

At the opening ceremony, The Sunset Glow Taijiquan group from ZhouXiang town gave a wonderful performance. Cixi city federation of labor unions, Chongshou town federation of labor unions and sister enterprises sent us congratulatory message, wishing a successful ¡°Heiger sport game¡±.
This ¡°Heiger sport Game¡± set up 100-meter race, running around factory, Ping Pang ball, badminton, rope skipping, tug-of-war, 4¡Á100M relay race and new interesting events such as hula hoop, Chinese checkers added on the base of the last one, totally 16 events.

After a whole day of fierce competition, a total of 34 gold medals, 36 silver medals and 33 bronze medals were awarded. The team consist of design department, tech depart, quality department, marketing department, finance department, management department, data office racked up a total of 59, better than other team to won the Best Organization Award. Meanwhile, the Sportsmanship Award was won by Injection molding workshop; General Manager Secretary Song Yingxia received 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal, 1 bronze medal to be the most Individual medals in this game; Regional manager Connie Shi from Marketing Department won two gold medals and set a new heiger record of women's 100 race.

The next Heiger sport Game will be held in the same place in 2010.

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Add: Chongshou Town Ind.Deve.Zone 315334 Cixi City,Ningbo,China. TEL: 086-0574-63293921 FAX: 086-0574-63293330 P.C.: 315334
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