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Zhejiang green enterprise approval completed
Date: [ 2011-11-02 ]    Read For [ 4811 ] Times

The declare expert group members of Zhejiang green enterprise came to HEIGER on July 15, 2011, experts first visit the workshop, then listened the green enterprise report in the meeting room, the report contains enterprise introduction, production clean situation, Saving energy and reducing consumption situation , water recycle resources use ,raw materials situation, the environment management, standards, treatment facilities and operation, dangerous and waste disposal and achievement of clean production.

The deputy general manager MR Gao and MR Fang answered the questions from the experts during the meeting, and mainly explained the injection machine servo system energy saving transformation, and replace the lamps to injection halide lamp in injection workshop. Experts agreed that heiger does much in green enterprise production and made quite a number of results, and achieve all the requirement of the Green enterprise. In the end, the experts team leader put forward the great anticipation for Heiger to make persistent efforts, and to continue the green enterprise's road !


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Add: Chongshou Town Ind.Deve.Zone 315334 Cixi City,Ningbo,China. TEL: 086-0574-63293921 FAX: 086-0574-63293330 P.C.: 315334
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